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Industries Applications

04 May

Inflatable seals are used in a variety of manufacturing and OEM applications. Inflatable seals are ideally suited for applications that need a positive pressure applied along a part, door frame, mold, vacuum chamber etc. Please click the underlined links for further application information

Small Diameter Sealing

04 May

Leak Test and Small Diameter Sealing Inflatable seals and bladders can be made to very small diameters given the proper molds.  Dynamic Rubber has made these down to .25″. Molding the seals allows an exact fit for demanding leak testing and other applications. The above examples are inflatable seals with an open foot design.  This style […]

Non-Reinforced Inflatable Seals

04 May

Inflatable seals can be used for a variety of applications where sealing two surfaces that move in relationship to each other is required. By introducing a medium such as air or fluid, a rubber seal will begin to expand at a specified rate until a determined size of expansion is achieved. The rates and sizes of […]


29 Apr

Non Reinforced seals are typically extrusion that are bonded into different shapes and sizes.  DRI can mold corners to different sizes and angles.  They can be made straight, endless and about any shape you can think of.  Some of the seals are made for high pressure application.  Material types are chosen for the specific application […]

Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seals

29 Apr

A fabric reinforced seal is a completely molded seal that is built around the same operating principles as a homogeneous inflatable seal. The addition of fabric helps increase the amount of internal pressure by which the seal can operate, where higher pressures are required in a non-enclosed environment. Profiles 2 Click the above link to […]

Molded or formed corners

29 Apr

DRI can mold corners ranging from square to large radii. Non reinforced seal can also be formed to certain corner radii. Forming the corners will cut down cost as a mold is not needed. DRI has many standard corners so please consult DRI for specific applications.

Conveyor Applications

29 Apr

Conveyor Applications – Brakes, Bumpers, and Grippers Dynamic Rubber manufactures inflatable seals and gaskets for use in material handling applications. Inflatable conveyor stops can safely guide, stop, or lift a product along a conveyor line. Pneumatically actuated, they reduce the number of mechanical involved in managing the conveyor system. Other supply chain material handling applications […]

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