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Flood Barriers

For high water, garages, and basements, leak proof flood barriers are an integral part of keeping property dry. We manufacture inflatable seals for retrofits and pre-existing flood gates. Inflatable seals offer an absolute water barrier when zero leakage is required. They are ideal when flush thresholds are needed such as entry ways to commercial and residential buildings. A dual seal configuration provides an added safety net in the case of any one seal failure. When sensitive equipment and/or documents are located below grade or in a flood prone area, flood barriers and watertight doors are a must.

Dynamic Rubber Services
Design and/or Build – DRI offers complete design assistance to make your waterproofing a success. DRI along with our affiliate metal forming shop can offer to perform the complete project from design to build.

Inflatable Seals – DRI also offers just the inflatable seals to make your project work. You give us your specifications and we will recommend the appropriate DRI product. A quick guide to sealing is shown below.

PSI / Bar Inches / Cm Of Water (at 39.2F, 4C)
10 / 0.689 276.8 / 703.1
15 / 1.034 415.2 / 1055
20 / 1.379 553.6 / 1406
25 / 1.724 692.0 / 1758

Seal Selection – Note that not all seals will have the same sealing ability. For the correct seal to use, please consult a DRI engineer. You can visit our inflatable seal profiles page for available seal shapes, sizes and technical information.

Flood Barriers & Protection
DRI flood barriers are custom designed steel or aluminum flood doors for small to medium sized projects. Our flood barriers come equipped with single or dual inflatable seals for maximum redundancy. Contact DRI regarding your flood barrier application.

Other applications for inflatable door seals:

Warning: The above table is only intended as a guide based on field tests and in-house testing. Your specific application should be independently studied for sealing conditions. Please Consult DRI for the proper seal and pressures for your application. Do not operate seals without proper guidance. DRI can not assume responsibility for the misuse of this information.

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