Dynamic Rubber

Small Diameter Sealing

Leak Test and Small Diameter Sealing

Inflatable seals and bladders can be made to very small diameters given the proper molds.  Dynamic Rubber has made these down to .25″. Molding the seals allows an exact fit for demanding leak testing and other applications.

The above examples are inflatable seals with an open foot design.  This style works well when we are able to supply a metal holder for the seals.  Applications are for leak testing and also various valve designs.

Minimum ID is .25″

Maximum ID depends on the application.  Molds can be made to accommodate most sizes.

When an open foot design is not practical, Dynamic Rubber can mold the inflatable seals down to a 1/2″ diameter.  This style works well for pipe leak testing and other applications.

Radial In

Radial Out
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