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ISO9001 2015

ISO9001 2015

Established in 2002, DRI is a full-service rubber company with a specialty in manufacturing inflatable seals. DRI helps customers seal the toughest gas and fluids in the most demanding applications. We are a growing business with a group of designers and engineers who have a long list of engineering backgrounds.  DRI continues to reinvest in the company to add capacity and capabilities.

DRI Technical Support

Our technical support includes available in-plant surveys and application development assistance that helps customers reduce development time. We aid in developing custom inflatable seals applications with an in-house design department.

Our customers rely on their products to operate effectively; we work hard to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs. We test our seals in extremely rigorous environments, and each seal is tested before it leaves our doorstep.

Dynamic Rubber
Customers & Industries

Our customers come from nearly every industry. We have produced inflatable seals and rubber components in everything from bulk powder and solids, medical equipment, to nuclear equipment. Rubber can be found in nearly every manufactured consumer component and in those manufacturing plants. Dynamic Rubber can provide many of those solutions.

Competitive Performance & Quality

When it comes to sourcing highly competitive products, we are one of the most competitive and aggressive suppliers in the market. We understand that companies need a competitive advantage right from the start without compromising quality and timeliness.

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