Industry Applications

Inflatable seals are used in a variety of manufacturing and OEM applications. Inflatable seals are ideally suited for applications that need a positive pressure applied along a part, door frame, mold, vacuum chamber etc.

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Smokehouse Seals

05 May

We have been working hard for several years to develop an inexpensive and durable solution for smokehouse ovens that utilize inflatable seals for their ovens.  We offer seals made from EPDM, high temperature silicone and oil resistant neoprene.  We also fabric reinforce all of the splices to increase the life of the seals.


05 May

Semiconductor Processing Equipment Inflatable seals provide design simplifications for processing equipment as well as effective solutions for testing equipment. Typical applications include wafer processing machines, CMP, clean rooms, and filters can be used in circuit board imaging applications.   Actuators CMP Door Seals Filters Lithograph Optics Robotics Washers Inflatable Seals & Molded Rubber Components The […]


05 May

Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment Inflatable seals are used in a variety of processes including drying, mixing, distribution, etc. Dynamic Rubber can supply direct replacements for OEM equipment at a fraction of the costs. Dynamic Rubber has various replacement parts for Fluid bed dryers in various elastomers.  Silicone and Flourosilicone are two of the main elastomers used in […]


05 May

Nuclear Applications Airlock door seals Personnel access door seals Equipment hatch seals Torus and wet well access hatch seals Refueling canal hatch seals Pool gate seals Airlock shaft seals Dry well head seals Inflatable door and valve seals


05 May

In the medical industry, inflatable seals are mainly used in sterilization systems.  Dynamic Rubber manufactures parts for the OEM’s and the aftermarket.  Steris System 1 inflatable chamber seal is one item that Dynamic Rubber produces to sell to the aftermarket.  Through distribution channels, Dynamic Rubber sells the System 1 inflatable chamber seal at up to […]

Material Handling

05 May

Inflatable seals offer a “soft” grip on anything from sand casts in the engine manufacturing process to satellite components. The use of a rubber inflatable seal allows high lifting force without damaging sensitive parts. With multiple inflatable seals, the end user can lift upwards of 20,000 lbs depending on the design of the system. Using […]


05 May

Prop shaft maintenance, Doors, Window and hatch seals. Hatches and Doors – Inflatable seals offer a watertight solution for sliding doors and around circular windows. Dynamic Rubber seals are currently used on some of the most expensive yachts on the water.

Food Processing

05 May

Food Processing Mixers and Smokehouses commonly use inflatable seals on their doors to effectively seal against product loss and smoke fumes. DRI supplies food grade rubber products that will conform to FDA requirements. Note: DRI offers smokehouse seals or stand alone extrusions. Smokehouse Seals DRI manufactures several inflatable gaskets that will fit existing smokehouse doors. […]

Flood Barriers

05 May

For high water, garages, and basements, leak proof flood barriers are an integral part of keeping property dry. We manufacture inflatable seals for retrofits and pre-existing flood gates. Inflatable seals offer an absolute water barrier when zero leakage is required. They are ideal when flush thresholds are needed such as entry ways to commercial and […]

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