Conveyor Applications

29 Apr

ConveyorConveyor Applications – Brakes, Bumpers, and Grippers

Dynamic Rubber manufactures inflatable seals and gaskets for use in material handling applications. Inflatable conveyor stops can safely guide, stop, or lift a product along a conveyor line. Pneumatically actuated, they reduce the number of mechanical involved in managing the conveyor system.

Other supply chain material handling applications include:

  • Conveyor lines – inflatable seals act as brakes on a conveyor line, stopping materials to allow for greater flow control and prevent potential bottle necks.
  • Bulk Bag – a pneumatic gasket is placed around the collar of the bag to seal the filling station and prevent dust or material loss.
  • Drum Seal – an inflatable seal can be used to seal a drum or casket to ensure a perfect seal.
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Dome Seals
  • IBC’s
  • Tanker fill vapor reclamation
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