Industry Applications

Inflatable seals are used in a variety of manufacturing and OEM applications. Inflatable seals are ideally suited for applications that need a positive pressure applied along a part, door frame, mold, vacuum chamber etc.

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Chemical Processing

05 May

DRI has developed several inflatable sealing solutions for fluid bed dryers made from FKM and silicone to withstand both high temperatures and chemical caustics. For fluid bed dryers, Dynamic Rubber offers standard and custom inflatable seal solutions for both chemical processing and pharmaceutical processing equipment to withstand high explosion and operating pressures. Depending on the […]


05 May

Aerospace – Composite molding, Rubber Seals and Inflatable Canopy Seals Hatches and doors in small private aircraft are well known to be loud and prone to wind noise. An inflatable seal around the door frame or canopy provides a continuous seal during flight. When in operation, the inflatable seal is pressurized by a small electrical […]

Conveyor Applications

29 Apr

Conveyor Applications – Brakes, Bumpers, and Grippers Dynamic Rubber manufactures inflatable seals and gaskets for use in material handling applications. Inflatable conveyor stops can safely guide, stop, or lift a product along a conveyor line. Pneumatically actuated, they reduce the number of mechanical involved in managing the conveyor system. Other supply chain material handling applications […]

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