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Inflatable seals can be used for a variety of applications where sealing two surfaces that move in relationship to each other is required. By introducing a medium such as air or fluid, a rubber seal will begin to expand at a specified rate until a determined size of expansion is achieved. The rates and sizes of the expansion of an inflatable seal are pre-determined by one of the many shapes assizes we have readily available. For unique or custom applications, we can engineer a custom solution for your application.

Nearly all inflatable seals are custom fabricated for a specified application, and we can use many of our standard profiles to develop an inflatable seal to a custom required working parameter. By utilizing a standard profile, both time and money are saved.


Note: in some cases additional tooling may be required to create a square or rounded corner. Additional tooling may also be required to run a certain type of compound. Extrusion runs may require extra time for development.

Fabric Reinforced vs. Homogenous Inflatable Seals

In addition to homogenous (all rubber) seals, Dynamic Rubber offers fabric reinforced seals. These seals have a layer of fabric embedded into the walls of the seal. The fabric layer allows a seal to handle much greater pressures.

  • Homogenous Seal Pressure – up to 25psi
  • Fabric Reinforced Seal Pressure – up to 90psi

Fabric reinforcement has several benefits with an understandable trade off – cost. Fabric reinforced seals are much more difficult to produce and must be molded during a handmade process. However, the benefits to fabric reinforced seals are quite specific:

Homogeneous Seals Fabric Reinforced Seals
Greater flexibility Longer life
More economical Greater seal resilience
Faster to produce Higher operating pressures
Improved tear resistance

There is one notable exception about Homogenous seals and high operating pressures – a well designed homogenous or fabric reinforced seal with a fully contained retainer will allow for extremely high operating pressures beyond 65psi.


Fabric Reinforced Inflatable Seals

29 Apr

A fabric reinforced seal is a completely molded seal that is built around the same operating principles as a homogeneous inflatable seal. The addition of fabric helps increase the amount of internal pressure by which the seal can operate, where higher pressures are required in a non-enclosed environment. Profiles 2 Click the above link to […]

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